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3 - BRRR - The Basics of The BRRR Process

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In this episode of Get Real Wealthy Season 2, Quentin shares how he was introduced, and how he has used the ‘buy, renovate, refinance and rent’, or the BRRR process. 

Quentin says that he has used this approach since 2008, from small starter homes to large 40, 50 unit apartment buildings. While the process is the same, the timeline varies a little and the scope of what you are doing with capital expenses can be different. He shares that when they had gone back to 20% down, he was just trying to figure out a way to get a larger yield on his money. He started out in real estate by taking a line of credit out on their principal residence. 

He adds that since the start, it's been refinancing and rolling that into new projects, taking on different partners on different projects, etc. while trying to take advantage of having a low-down payment into his projects, get better yield and have cash flow. What he had figured out was that if he bought a property that needed work, he could fix it, refinance it to the after repaired value, and as long as that after repair value cash flowed well, he could continue to hold that asset. The better that he did it, the more he was able to take out of the project and have none of his own money into it.

While he had success with this approach and developed great relationships, he says “if I were to go back, I would have done a lot more of the projects that I had passed over because I felt like they were singles or doubles…” It led him to seek out other people who are doing the strategy, and met two great friends, Andrew Brennan, and Jeff Wood. Quentin also wrote the book The Ultimate Wealth Strategy with the latter. He adds “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy, which is on buying fixing refinancing renting real estate back then we called it the BFRR strategy. It was rebranded years later to buy renovate, refinance and rent the BRRR strategy.”

In conclusion, he says that when you're able to find in use the strategy of buy renovate, refinance and rent and cashflow positive on an asset in an appreciating market where it is typically considered an appreciation market versus a cash flow market, you can do extremely well that's why he focuses on that strategy. In the upcoming episodes, Quentin will cover different aspects of this approach. 

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